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Adam Roberts - Author, Pitmaster, Barbecue Industry Consultant & Content Producer

Pitmaster Adam Roberts Co-Founded the Australasian Barbecue Alliance in 2014 and the New Zealand Barbecue Alliance in 2017 and was both organisations' inaugural General Manager until 2021 before renewing his focus to undertake a greater range of promotional activities to grow the profile of Barbecue through reaching new audiences.

A multiple-trophy-winning and Grand Champion barbecue contest competitor, Adam has also Authored Internationally recognised books 'Ribs & Sides' in 2017 and 'Barbecue Like a Boss' which was released in late 2021. Both Books were awarded Top 5 Barbecue Book of the Year (USA) in 2018 & 2022 respectively.


In 2023, Adam released his third book 'Barbecue Fusion' which was also awarded Top 5 NBBQA Barbecue Book of the Year (USA) for 2024 and ultimately WON the Category making 'Barbecue Fusion' the Number 1 BBQ Book of the Year 2024. 

Adam is a Brand Ambassador for Kingsford Charcoal, Barbeques Galore and Firehawk Grills. Adam works with other internationally recognised barbecue brands on projects and promotional activities. 

Adam regularly features in 'how to barbecue' recipe videos and wrote, directed and narrated the International-gold-medal-awarded documentary series 'Beyond the Flame'.

In 2022 Adam created 'Pitmastery Barbecue Masterclass' an online Masterclass teaching the fundamentals of wood-fired cooking (available now via the link below) through TAFE NSW, one of Australia's most recognised Training Organisations which won a Silver Medal in the NBBQA Awards in 2023.

Adam continues to work with the broader barbecue community, participates in promoting Barbecue at festivals, promotions and events and through face to face classes.


Adam continues to travel the globe in search of the most unique and flavourful ways to cook food over fire.

Learn to Barbecue Like a Boss right now - via

Pitmastery Barbecue Masterclass

Check out Adam's Bio Video

Want to see some amazing cuts of meat cooked to perfection? Then check out Adam's YouTube Videos via the link below.


Working Together

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BBQ Legends Club - Ambassador

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Brand Ambassador
(AUS & NZ)

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Brand Ambassador

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'Pitmastery Barbecue Masterclass'

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