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'Barbecue Like A Boss' is a complete 'How to BBQ' guide encompasing all the things you need to know to become a Pitmaster. Order your signed copy now. Great gift idea for those wishing to start or consolidate their barbecue journey. NOTE: This book is available from any Barbeques Galore store across Australia as well as selected Butcheries, Grocery and Specialty stores. 

Barbecue Like a Boss

  • This complete 'How to BBQ' Guide delivers in one easy-to-learn format all there is to know about cooking over wood fire using smokers, grills and BBQ's. Barbecue Like a Boss is Pitmaster Adam Roberts' follow up book to 'Ribs' and is a must have in your cookbook collection. Featuring how to Low N Slow, Grill and Rotate meat to perfection, this book also educates on what cuts to ask the butcher for, what temp to cook at, what cook techniques to apply and how to achieve the perfect texture. If you've been to one of Adam's 'Learn to BBQ' Classes across Australia or New Zealand, you'll likely have seen some of this content in practice. However, there's only so much you can teach in a two-hour class - and this is the complete guide to all things barbecue that you'll refer back to time and time again. Great value at just $49AUD.

  • This book is now available. Usually ships within 48-72 hours from payment confirmation. Australian Deliveries only avialable at this time. 

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